Thursday, March 1, 2007


From: College students think they're so special (MSNBC, February 27th, 2007)

Today’s college students are more narcissistic and self-centered than their predecessors, according to a comprehensive new study by five psychologists who worry that the trend could be harmful to personal relationships and American society.

“We need to stop endlessly repeating ‘You’re special’ and having children repeat that back,” said the study’s lead author, Professor Jean Twenge of San Diego State University. “Kids are self-centered enough already.”[...]

Narcissism can have benefits, said study co-author W. Keith Campbell of the University of Georgia, suggesting it could be useful in meeting new people "or auditioning on 'American Idol'. "

“Unfortunately, narcissism can also have very negative consequences for society, including the breakdown of close relationships with others,” he said.

The study asserts that narcissists “are more likely to have romantic relationships that are short-lived, at risk for infidelity, lack emotional warmth, and to exhibit game-playing, dishonesty, and over-controlling and violent behaviors.”

For years we’ve all swallowed the leftist lie that Hitler was warped by a cold father who whipped him regularly. A soon-to-be-released study shows that the real problem was that Mrs. Schicklgruber wouldn’t stop telling him how special he was.


Lord Grattan said...

The kids in college today grew up with "Barney" and "Tele-tubbies", so what else would you expect?

monix said...

I worked with an American teacher who refused ever to say that a child had got something wrong. She had a scale of not-quite-rightness: That's a try; that's a good try; that's a very good try; you're almost there with that.

Mike Beversluis said...

Boomers come into their fair share of criticism, but the truth is that Gen-X will be worse.

Oroborous said...

How so ?

I mean, it's hard to believe that they could be.

Mike Beversluis said...

The self-absorption is the same, but there will be a lot more media available for endless nostalgic navel gazing.

It wasn't Barney, it was Pee Wee's Playhouse and Transformers; Already coming to a theater near you (of one sort or another).

Oroborous said...


Well, I suppose that that's true, and it's also probable that Gen X will be a lot richer than the Boomers, (although it'll take them longer to accumulate it), so there will be plenty of leisure time late in life to indulge such frippery.