Sunday, March 4, 2007


Darwin’s God
(Robin Marantz Henig, New York Times, March 4th, 2007)

This is a pretty comprehensive account of current evolutionary theories on the origin of religion.


monix said...

Thank you for that. It was worth the long read.

monix said...

I've spent a few days comparing the 'Darwin's God' article with some research data I have from the Children's Spirituality Project carried out at Nottingham University in the '90s. It was good to have some balanced views from the atheist scientific side, instead of the Dawkins' anti-religion ranting.
If you are interested in reading the background to the research, let Brit have your address and I'll post it to you. Or, you can read the outcome of the research in 'The Spirit of the Child' by David Hay with Rebecca Nye from Jessica Kingsley Publishers. (