Thursday, March 8, 2007


From: Canada told not to use term 'visible minorities' (Steven Edwards, National Post, March 8th, 2007)

Canada's use of the term "visible minorities" to identify people it considers susceptible to racial discrimination came under fire at the United Nations yesterday --for being racist.

In a report on Ottawa's efforts to eliminate racial discrimination in Canada, the world body's anti-racism watchdog said the words might contravene an international treaty aimed at combatting racism.

Members of the Geneva-based Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination also questioned other terms used by the federal government, among them "ethnocultural communities."[...]

"The committee is concerned that the use of the term may not be in accordance with the aims and objectives of the Convention," the report says.

It adds that Canada should "reflect further on the implications of the use of the term," but offers no suggestions about what words would be acceptable.



erp said...

Pigmentally Differentiated Canadians or, as I like to call them PDC's, not to be confused with the U.N. functionaries often referred to as PDC's as well, but in their case it stands for Puddenheaded Dorky Clods.

monix said...

Has anyone thought to ask the people concerned?
For years in England people have tampered with euphemisms for deafness: should it be partially-deaf, partially-hearing or hearing impaired? Then someone actually got around to asking deaf people themselves what they like to be called. The answer was 'Deaf but with a capital D please!'

Harry Eagar said...

Calling Ralph Ellison. Mr. Ellison. Calling Mr. Ralph Ellison.